VAT in a Day

Download: VAT in a Day 2021

This book serves as an introduction to the current EU VAT system and is provided to you free of charge by the Dutch Indirect Tax Fund. It preludes the book ‘Fundamentals of EU VAT Law’, which provides the reader with a thorough understanding of EU VAT law.

VAT in a Day contains an overview of the functioning of the EU VAT system, as well as the concepts and rationale behind it. All explanations and examples are based on the legislative basis of the EU VAT system, i.e., the EU VAT Directive (2006/112/EC) and the EU VAT Implementing Regulation (282/2011).

The goal of this book is to enable the reader obtaining a basic understanding of the EU VAT system, or to refresh one´s VAT knowledge within a day’s work. Hence, this book is titled: ‘VAT in a Day’.

The authors hope that this book generates enthusiasm with the reader for EU VAT law, so that the reader is stimulated to continue spending many more days studying the interesting, yet challenging topic of Value Added Taxes.

VAT in a Day
Ad van Doesum and Frank Nellen
2021, Maastricht, Fonds Indirect Tax
ISBN 978-90-830908-2-5